pupil learning

“It is well established in cognitive science that learners always know something about the issue at hand and what they know is always their starting point for making sense.”
About Learning, Demos p12

The curriculum experience of many pupils is exam led, teacher directed and driven by high-stakes accountability. Instead, Leading Learning, like many teachers, school leaders and employers, want high standards without compromising on the skills relevant to life after school. We are working with teachers and pupils to develop learners who can think; are skilful and resilient; are engaged and enthused and who value and enjoy their curriculum experience.

Thinking Skills and Metacognition

Enquiry and Project Based Learning

Planning for progression of knowledge, skills and understanding in foundation subjects especially in Geography.

Challenge and Differentiation


We have been working with Benton Park Primary, an outstanding primary school in Newcastle in 2017/18. Staff are investigating, innovating and evaluating their curriculum throughout this academic year. We are working together to promote a cognitively challenging and engaging curriculum that promotes metacognition. In order to complement their current professional learning programme Leading Learning designed a residential event to immerse teachers in the principles and practicalities of Project Based Learning. We then work with staff each half term to provide practical strategies and theory, which they then try out and evaluate in the classroom.

Last year we were commissioned by Arnia, a designer and retailer of bee hive monitoring equipment to produce a set of Key Stage 2 teaching materials to help pupils use live hive data to develop their scientific knowledge, skills and understanding. Working with Sandra Evans from Arnia and beekeeping colleagues we are excited about the launch of Build the Buzz; a set of resources that use bees to teach maths mastery, geography and science. Follow us on twitter @LLEducation or @ArniaBee if you want to be the first to here about the launch date or contact us if you want to find out more.