Broomley Bees meadow project

Three things about project planning: 1. Don’t assume schools and community members speak the same language. Spend time clarifying the project remit and expectations of each participant. Be as clear about what is within remit and what is not. 2. Have an action plan. I drew up a Gantt chart so we had clarity about […]

Three things to get the meadow started: 1. Test the soil – it needs to be poor quality. The children loved doing ph tests and quadrant surveys. 2. Prepare the ground – clear it, weed it and remove as much good soil as possible. This is the best physical exercise I get in a year! […]

Three things things that got us started: 1. The volunteer bee keepers trying hard to set up a bee keeping club at school but struggling to make an impact on the curriculum. 2. My plans to plant a hay meadow in my garden and my desire to learn more about Project Based Learning. 3. Mr […]

Broomley First School’s year four class are now preparing for Middle School with the summer holidays well under way and their hay meadow soon in need of it’s first cut. This retrospective blog records our experience of supporting a fabulous meadow planting project over the last eight months. The project has been a collaboration between […]